Testosterone enanthate: instructions for use

Modern sports preparations are a guarantee of accelerated achievement of the highest sports results, which will require minimal effort. Most steroids are based on the use of testosterone, the synthetic molecule of which is supplemented with various esters that give the active ingredient new characteristics. Testosterone enanthate is no exception. It is in demand among powerlifters and powerlifters. The drug is different in that the active substance lasts longer than many analogues, so injections are less frequent.

Testosterone Enanthate Steroid Profile

When choosing a drug to improve your own athletic performance, you should definitely familiarize yourself with its steroid profile. While using testosterone enanthate, the following effects should be expected:

  • androgenic index at 100% testosterone;
  • 100% Testosterone Anabolic Rating;
  • the probability of conversion to estrogen is high;
  • minimal liver toxicity.

The drug is presented only in the form of injections. Its effect on the body lasts up to 15 days from the date of administration. It is possible to detect a drug during a doping control up to 3 months after the cancellation, which must be taken into account during the preparation before the competition.

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The main action is aimed at increasing muscle mass. In parallel, the athlete develops strength and endurance, which is why weightlifters often choose enanthate. The drug can cause a pronounced pump, due to which the effectiveness of exercises in the gym only increases.

During the course, you can detect a significant amount of water retention in the body, which is associated with the accumulation of sodium in the tissues. For this reason, after the abolition of enanthate, a reduction of 25-35% occurs, depending on the characteristics of the body.

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Testosterone enanthate course

The anabolic effect caused by the drug is proportional to the dose chosen by the athlete. If a bodybuilder does not have enough experience in the application of sports pharmacology, it is better for him to start with a minimum dose of 250 mg. This amount of the drug per week will be enough to get the first results and check the absence of negative reactions.

If the result is positive, you can increase the dose to 500 mg per week. It is better to inject the drug 2 times a week to maintain a high concentration of the active substance. The duration of the testosterone enanthate course is up to 10 weeks.

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After weaning off the steroids, post cycle therapy takes place. To reduce the negative effects of estrogen, you need to connect Proviron, which is taken from 3 weeks after the start of the course. While taking enanthate, you should not forget about proper diet and regular sports exercises. Before taking the course, you should definitely contact your doctor to choose an individual dosage.