Frequently Asked Questions

Q: As a parent, how do you know if your child needs help with his/her reading?

A: Your child will most likely benefit from an instructional program at the Reading Clinic if he or she:

  • Avoids or dislikes reading.

  • Has difficulty completing classroom assignments.

  • Reads very slowly.

  • Has difficulty recognizing words or substitutes words while reading.

  • Does not consistently remember what he/she has read.

  • Does not thoroughly comprehend what he/she has read.

Q: Would a middle school or high school student benefit from the program? 

A: Older students can benefit by working on the following types of skills:

• Strategies for reading in the content areas.

• Techniques for expanding vocabulary knowledge.

• Practice in literary skills required for understanding short stories and novels

• Rate improvement.

• Study skills.

• Preparation for college entrance exams.  


Q: Is the instructor at The Reading Clinic certified? 

A: Yes, Nancy Townsend holds a current teaching license in Colorado.

Q: Does the Reading Clinic help a student to improve their writing proficiency? 

A: Yes, the Reading Clinic also provides support in developing writing skills. A writing program at the Clinic may also include instruction in:  

  • Basic mechanics such as sentence structure and punctuation.  

  • Spelling improvement.  

  • Editing skills.  

  • Various paragraph, essay, and story formats.  

  • Tips for planning and organizing the written piece. 

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